The Haran School of Irish Dance was founded some 15 years
ago in Kettle Falls, Washington by a wonderful woman named
Deirdre Abeid.  In 2001, in response to many requests, Deirdre's
oldest daughter Caitlin came to Spokane to open a Haran school
here.  Deirdre has passed on, but her legacy is carried on by her
two talented daughters.  The oldest daughter, now Caitlin
Trusler, teaches our rapidly growing school on Spokane's south
hill and younger daughter Claire Abeid teaches the original Kettle
Falls school.

The two groups work closely with each other and with An
Dochas, a terrific Celtic band that includes Caitlin and Claire's
brother, Mellad Abeid.   Check out our links page for more details
about the band.

Our top dancers make up a touring troop that travel with An
Dochas, performing fantastic, energetic shows all over the
country and beyond.  In recent years our dancers have traveled
to performances in Japan and Austria and to the Irish Dance
World Championships in Ireland.
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