Our Favorite Links
Here are our favorite Celtic Bands.  Please support our local artists and
buy their music.  CDs and DVDs are available at Hastings stores around
the Spokane area or from www.cdbaby.com.

An Dochas  This is a group of young people from the Colville and Kettle Falls
area.  Their music is an eclectic blend of Celtic sounds with a rockin' world beat.  
HOT! HOT! HOT!  Also see their new DVD, "Beginnings," that chronicles their
start and ours.  An Dochas has been closely tied to the dance school since the
beginning and we love to work and play together.

Celtic Nots These guys have been enriching the Spokane music scene for a
long time.  They are sometimes Celtic and sometimes Not, but they're always
terrific and we love them.  NOTHEADS FOREVER!
Dance shoes and supplies:  Here are some of the many vendors that sell dance shoes and
supplies online.  If you have a vendor that has been particularly helpful, send it to us so we
can add it to the list .

Keily's Irish step dance shoes and supplies

Fays Shoes  Shoes and supplies (speciallizing in narrow shoes)

Rutherford Products  Shoes and supplies (especially wider and deeper shoes)

Antonio Pacelli  Shoes and supplies (a good place to find inexpensive solo dress bags and
shoes of all sorts)

Steele Celtic Dancewear  Good prices and fast delivery for shoes

Emerald Key  Our favorite wig site

Irish Treasures  This vendor is often at feisanna in our area and often has practice music
Solo Dresses:

New Dresses
 Elevation Design  A Fabulous collection of modern, stylish solo dresses.
Used Dresses   Dance Again  A huge number of used dresses